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! 01-12-17 ! Today we are offering a nice addition to our Good Luck Flag's category: a rare Good Luck Signed Flag that appears to have been presented to 2 brothers. The flag's original owner has had his black inked name patched over, and that of another family member with the same last name was added. In addition, under the "Amulets/Good Luck Charms" category, a very ornately embroidered charm pouch with magnificent Dragon and paper Ofuda or Charm were added. Both items are out of the ordinary and would make terrific additions to any collection. Thank you for your support.

! 01-01-17 ! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to our first update of 2017. Today we have made some unusual additions to the website: We were recently asked to sell a small collection of Japanese Shunga (erotica) that were obtained by a U.S. serviceman serving in Japan during the early Occupation. While obviously not militaria, we have placed these culturally interesting consignment items in the "Militaria Consignment" section of the website. Over the next few weeks we will place another one or two similar items into this category. In addition, we will continue to add more Good Luck Flags as well as Senninbari to the site over the next few days. Please check back.........

Further Website Details Please note: For those who want to offer their Good Luck Flags, One-Thousand Stitch items or related Japanese World War Two era militaria, please consider us when thinking about a consignment option. Fortunes Of War Militaria may provide exposure for your items to a broad range of collectors. It's a really process! If interested, please contact me here for further details. Regards, Dr. Mike

Welcome to Fortunes of War Militaria! This website is an outgrowth of my interest in the study of Japanese World War Two era military history, and of its material culture. More specifically, we present Japanese good luck signed flags, one-thousand stitch/good luck articles, off-to-war banners, and other items that pertain to Japanese World War Two era military send-off celebrations. In addition, we include post-war G. I. souvenir of service flags, and other flag related items of the period.

As my appreciation of and passion for Japanese good luck signed flags (hinomaru yosegaki) and one-thousand stitch belts (senninbari) grew, I was disappointed by the lack of primary research material available on the subject. That void led me to write the book, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts released in 2008 by Schiffer Military Books. The publication's release caused a burgeoning of interest among a disparate group consisting mainly of military and art historians, textile aficionados, and militaria collectors. Following this, inquiries and/or the desire to obtain authentic items started to come to me from all over the world. This site developed as a natural progression in the search for genuine items. It is my intention that the goals of the novice as well as the advanced collector will be satisfied.

Michael Bortner

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The Book
This is the first book of its kind that focuses solely on IMPERIAL JAPANESE GOOD LUCK FLAGS AND ONE-THOUSAND STITCH BELTS and answers many of the questions collectors have.  click for full text

Japanese Good Luck Flags
The World War Two era Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flag was a gift given to a departing soldier, sailor, or airman.  click for full text

One-Thousand Stitch Belt
The Japanese Senninbari, or One-Thousand stitch amulet of protection, evolved in its form over time.  click for full text

Off-To-War Banners
World War Two era off-to-war banners, also known as shussei nobori in Japanese, are quite colorful and come in various sizes.  click for full text

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