1000 Stitch Belt-0073 "SOLD"

1000 Stitch Belt made from silk was a World War Two bring-back.  This Senninbari measures approximately 6.50″ high X 44.75″ long, not including tie string.  This “been there” good luck belt has one tie string missing, where it appears to have been cut off, probably to remove it.  On the left-hand side, the string is gone and there are numerous holes and stains from battle.  The red sun in the center has its knots made from white cotton thread; there is a 10-sen, good luck coin sewn near its top.  The characters on either side are for the wartime slogan, Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting.”  The green-blue printed characters on the reverse say, Hisho Kogun or “Certain Victory-Imperial Army!”.  There are black inked kanji characters on the reverse.  Though difficult to read they appear to say, “Gods of the Country Will Never Be Vanquished…The Warriors of the Gods Will Certainly Win!”.  A very interesting, iconic good luck amulet.

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