1000 Stitch Senninbari With Kanji Slogan Identifying “Soldier Who Goes To War”

This white silk 1000 Stitch Senninbari measures approximately 14.00″ X 31.00″.  The material is white, while the knots have been placed with red cotton thread.  The white and red color combination are seen as the most auspicious or lucky color combination in Japanese culture.  There are insect bites located primarily around the upper two characters (see photos). This example had its 4 kanji characters outlined in black ink and then someone took a small round stamp and placed red circles within that outline to indicate where the knots were to be sewn.  This particular Senninbari was made as a good luck amulet, probably to be carried on the person, rather than to be worn around the waist.

The 4 characters stitched across the Senninbari say, “Soldier who goes to war.” A classic example of the vertical style of Senninbari.


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