1000 Stitch Belt-0082 "SOLD"

This classic cotton 1000 Stitch Belt or Senninbari measures approximately 6.00″ high X 46.50″ long. It is in relatively clean condition, showing only a few areas of age spotting, from years of storage. The center of the belt displays approximately 1000 small red, ink dots. Each dot contains a knot or stitch that could only be placed by a woman. As the stitches were added to the cloth, good luck imbued the talisman. As each knot was placed, the strength of protection would also grow.

The kanji characters written to the left of the knots say, “Prayers For A Healthy Victory!” The kanji on the right-hand side say, “Great Japanese National Defense Association/Maebashi 1st Branch/Shin-mei Town Unit”.

Maebashi is the capital city of Gunma prefecture, in the northern Kanto region of Japan. Maebashi is known to be the “City of Water, Greenery and Poets” because of its pure waters, its rich nature and because it gave birth to several Japanese contemporary poets. The Maebashi area was called Umayabashi (厩橋) during the Nara period. This name finds its origins in the fact that there was a bridge (hashi) crossing the Tone River and not far from the bridge there was a small refreshment house with a stable (umaya駅家), often used by people travelling on the Tozan-do (the road connecting the capital to the eastern regions of Japan). The spelling was officially changed into Maebashi (前橋) in 1649 during the Edo period when Maebashi became a castle town and feudal domain under the Tokugawa shogunate. On August 5, 1945 approximately 64.2% of the urban core of the city was destroyed during World War Two by air raids which followed the dropping of propaganda leaflets warning of the impending attacks.  


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