1000 Stitch Belt-0083

This cotton 1000 Stitch Belt measures approximately 6.00″ high X 38.00″ long. It has 1000 small, red stamped circles, each containing a red cotton knot.  In Asian culture, colors represent different qualities, virtues or values. The color combination of red and white is the epitome of good luck. This is why many Senninbari are made from white cotton with red colored knots or stitches. The condition of this belt is very good overall, with only a few small stains in the upper left-hand corner and a burn hole. There are a couple of very similar, small burn holes located along the upper margin of the material as well. When folded, the burn holes line up with one another. The upper left-hand corner also contains a shrine or temple seal that measures approximately 2.50″ across. Unfortunately, the ink is blurred and is tough to read. The larger black line of characters across the seal say, “I Pray Your Military Fortunes May Be Long Lasting”. The smaller line to the left of it says, “Akayu Elementary School”. The reverse of the belt has a small black #2 written next to the kanji for a name, Nagaoka. This could be the name of the of the person who had the 1000 Stitch Belt made up, while the #2 could stand for “Second Grade” or “Class #2”.

Akayu was a town  located in the Higashiokitama District of Yamagata prefecture. The village of Akayu was established on April 1, 1889, with the establishment of the municipalities system.


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