1000 Stitch Belt-0084 "SOLD"

This is an extremely attractive white cotton cloth, Japanese 1000 Stitch Belt. It measures approximately 6.00″ wide X 30.75″ long. Each of the knots were sewn, using white cotton thread. The color white generally represents “purity” in Asian culture, but in some circumstances, it may also represent “death”. There are some light brownish stains, faded across the front.

Written vertically down the center-front of the material, someone has written in beautiful script, Namu myoho renge kyo, the most well-known of the Buddhist mantras. The characters written immediately below that say, Nihiren zai go han or “the signature of Nichiren“. Nichiren was a Japanese Buddhist priest of the Kamakura period, who developed the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism, a branch school of Mahayana Buddhism.  He lived in Japan between the years 1222 and 1282.

Recorded across the reverse of the belt in four lines of kanji is the name of the writer, Igarashi. That is followed by the prayer: Namu myoho renge kyo, myoho renge kyo nyorai juryo, dai juuroku, namu jukku kannon kyo.

This vertical style Senninbari, is one of the most attractive that I have come across in some time.

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