1000 Stitch Belt Contains Two Large, Black Inked Kanji Characters That Say “Ho-no” Or “Offering”

This 1000 Stitch Belt or Senninbari measures approximately 6.00″ high X 45.00″ long. It is made from a white cotton cloth that has darkened with age. The front of the belt contains 1000 red knots while the reverse sports 1000 flat stitches. The knots were generally worn facing away from the abdomen since they could become uncomfortable against the skin. The flat, often uninterrupted stitches, when pressed against the skin, were more comfortable. The two large, black inked kanji characters say, Ho-no or “Offering”. This word normally pertains to shrine offerings.

This is a nicely made, heavy cotton knotted 1000 Stitch Belt.


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