Yellow 1000 Stitch Belt With Large Red Seal in Front-Center From A Shrine In Akita Prefecture

This cotton cloth 1000 Stitch Belt or Senninbari, is made from a yellow colored piece of material. It has two tie strings on each end of the belt for fastening around the waist. The knotted stitched panel was sewn inside the belt to provide comfort to the wearer. In making the stitched, good luck portion, someone took a black ink stamp and made 1000 circles that were then filled with an individual white cotton knot. A small pouch was made on the left-hand side of the Senninbari to hold good luck charms or special items. There is a large square, red seal on the front of the belt that measures approximately 2.50″ square. The characters on it read, Taihei-zan Miyoshi Jinja, a shrine in Akita prefecture.

The color yellow corresponds with the earth and is considered the most beautiful and prestigious color. It also represents freedom from worldly cares and is esteemed in Buddhism. The color white represents the element “gold” and symbolizes brightness and purity.


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