1000 Stitch Belt-0088 "SOLD"

This is a white cotton 1000 Stitch Belt, that is a bit dirty from age and wear in the field. There are a few stains on the lower margin that could be battle related. Overall, it measures approximately 6.25″ high X 50.00″ long. In making the belt, someone took a small round stamp and placed 1000 black inked circles upon the front. As each woman added a knot, they did so in the “hairy” style, leaving the threads long, rather than shortening them. Belts done in this fashion are a bit more unusual and are generally seen with red threads, rather than green ones. In Asian culture, green may represent: youth, vitality, energy and eternity.

The two black kanji characters in the center of this Senninbari say, Omamori.  This word means “amulet” [to provide protection] and can also loosely translate as “talisman” [of good luck]. The two vertical lines on the reverse give the owner’s name, “Army Infantry Sergeant, Sugiyama Senjiro.

This is your chance to acquire an attractive and colorful 1000 Stitch Belt, battle worn and named to its former owner.

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