Salty 1000 Stitch Belt With Some Battle Staining-Center White Patch Has Slogan "May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting" And Colorful Imperial Army Stars And Imperial Navy Anchors "ON HOLD"

This beautiful yellow and white silk 1000 Stitch Belt measures approximately 7.” high at its widest section X 77.” long.  This belt is a bit salty, with battle stains, primarily on the ties strings and a smaller matching one near the left-front and right-front (see images). The senninbari is made from golden-yellow silk, with red cotton knots; the tie strings on the reverse, are backed with white silk.  Its gold-yellow color would be considered a bit rare for senninbari. In the center-front you will notice a 2.5″ high X 3.5″ long white silk patch/decoration. Printed red characters on the front say Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting”. In each corner of the patch are alternating red Imperial Army stars and Imperial Navy Anchors. The body of the belt was padded on the reverse with heavy cotton/felt to keep the wearer’s abdomen warm, providing good health. There is a center pouch that at one time contained an ofuda or good luck charm; the small inner pouch remains but the charm has been removed.

This is an outstanding 1000 Stitch Belt with colorful gold-yellow silk and bright red knotted stitches.  A real looker for any display!


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