Salty 1000 Stitch Belt With Battle Stains And The Slogan "May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting"

This cotton 1000 Stitch Belt measures approximately 6.5″ high X 36.5″ long, not including tie strings. Across the front of the senninbari, someone added 1000 small red circles by using an ink stamp.  Across each circle, they then added 1000 flat stitches to complete the 1000 stitch belt. You can also see the flat or French style stitches on the reverse.  When worn, the belts with the flat style of stitching (versus the small rounded knots sometimes seen), were preferred for their comfort.

The kanji characters that were stitched across the middle of the one thousand stitch belt spell out the popular wartime slogan Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting”.

This nicely made 1000 stitch belt shows minor battle stains, primarily on the left-hand side (top and bottom edges).  Overall, it is a classic senninbari example.


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