Named 1000 Stitch Belt With Inner Green Panel, Small National Flag Sewn Inside, Mantra "Samuhara" That Was Meant To Protect The Wearer From Harm And Multiple Pouches

This is an unusual khaki colored, cotton covered, silk 1000 Stitch Belt.  Overall, it measures approximately 5.5″ high X 70.5″ long, not including the tie strings. When the belt was made, the person took a long, green silk panel and embroidered 1000 red cotton knots onto it.  In the center of that same panel, they took and sewed a small Japanese National Flag (hinomaru) to the center.  There were four kanji characters for the popular wartime slogan Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting” added around the flag. That same inner green senninbari panel is lined with a heavy wool backing, for warmth.  In order to protect the senninbari from wear, they took a heavy khaki cotton material and sewed it to the outside of the senninbari.  Both the inner and outer panels have a pouches in the center (see photo).

On the outside center, the mantra Samuhara was written in black inked kanji.  This Shinto saying was believed to protect the person from harm in battle, particularly from bullets. Down near the tie string on the right-hand side, the name of the 1000 Stitch Belt’s owner is written; it says “Mr. Mizoguchi Shigeo”.

This is a well-made, unusual 1000 Stitch Belt.


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