Salty Battle Stained 1000 Stitch Belt With Narita-san Charm, Good Luck Coin and Red Off-To-War Sash (Tasuki) "SOLD"

This is a wonderful Japanese World War Two grouping that consists of a battle stained 1000 Stitch Belt, temple charm, good luck coin and off-to-war sash.  The white cotton belt measures approximately 6.” high X 34.” long (not including the tie strings). The belt was stamped with one thousand round, red circles and each of those was then filled in with a red cotton knot/stitch.  This particular 1000 stitch belt was made and given to Mr. Yamano Keiichi.

The senninbari has a center pouch that contains a paper covered, wooden good luck charm from the Narita-san (Narita mountain) temple.  The temple, also known as the “New Victory Temple” is a Shingon Buddhist temple located in central Narita, Chiba, Japan.  It was founded in 940 by Kancho Daisojo, a disciple of Kobo Daishi.

Sewn to the front of the belt, up near the top edge of the pouch is a silver, 5-sen good luck coin.

Accompanying the lot is the owner’s red off-to-war sash or tasuki.  There are a couple of areas of damage along the edge.  These were generally worn across the chest by the recruit when he was on his way to the train or ship, embarking for training camp or shipping overseas.  They sometimes carried a variety of information that may have included: the person’s name, town where he hailed, patriotic slogans, etc.  This particular red, cotton example has the kanji for “Going to War” and then the slogan, “Dying For One’s Country”.

This is a beautiful lot of 1000 stitch belt, temple charm, good luck coin and colorful off-to-war sash!




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