Massive White 1000 Stitch Belt With Red Knots And Prominent National Flag In The Center

This is a heavy, well made white silk 1000 Stitch Belt with large, Japanese National Flag on its front.  Overall, it measures approximately 6.” high X 24.” long, not including tie strings.  The center of the senninbari has a prominent hinomaru flag displayed in red and white.  The flag is surrounded by 1000 small red circles, each containing a red cotton knot.  There is a pocket in the center of the belt to put good luck amulets (ofuda), photos or other personal items.  The tie strings on the 1000 stitch belt have been tack stitched so that they do  not hang loose.  This was probably done at the time the belt was stored.  For someone who wants to display this as a belt around the waist of a mannequin, the stitches are easily removed (see photo).  If you prefer to frame it, it’s ready to go as-is.

This is a colorful senninbari, made in the most prominent Asian good luck colors: red and white.


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