RARE 1000 Stitch Cap With Hair Amulet-0003-"ON HOLD"

This is a rare 1000 Stitch Cap or Senninbari made from a heavy white silk material with hair amulet. Overall, the cap measures approximately 4.00″ high X 10.00″ long. The flat French stitches were placed in rows by individual women in order to magnify or compound good luck wishes of protection to the wearer; as each stitch was added, the power of protection grew. On the outside, a 1.75″ square shrine seal, stamped in red ink may be seen. The cap has both tie strings in place. On the inside, a small (0.75″ X 1.25″) cloth amulet pouch was sewn to the cap’s front. The packet is filled with a woman’s hair, a further good luck complement that is very rare (for more information please see the book, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flags and One-Thousand Stitch Belts.) 1000 stitch caps are not common and I have never seen one with a hair amulet. (Mannequin shown in photo not included.)


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