1000 Stitch Cap With “Samuhara” Mantra-Protection From Bullets! “SOLD”

1000-Stitch (Senninbari) Cap.  Senninbari caps were another form of 1000 Stitched good luck amulet.  The most well-known examples are found as belts that were worn around the waist (1000 Stitch Belt).  Senninbari were made by women only and given to the men, prior to going off to fight.  It was believed that with each knot added to the cloth, a compounding of good luck forces were imparted to the article.  This white cotton cap is in very good condition, with only minor staining near the crown of the amulet.  1000 red cotton threads were knotted around the outside of the cap, while flat French stitches finished off the interior.  This allowed the hat to be worn without the knots pressing against the head of the wearer.  The cap could be adjusted to fit by a tie string that runs around the inner border.  Boldly written in black ink across the crown of the senninbari is the Shinto mantra for “Samuhara.”  This special combination of characters was believed to protect the wearer from harm in battle, especially harm from bullets.  The approximate measurements are 11.00″ long X 5.00″ high.  A nice example and never very easy to find.


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