1000 Stitch Tiger Senninbari- 0093 "SOLD"

This age darkened silk tiger 1000 Stitch Amulet of Protection or Senninbari is simply beautiful! Overall, it measures approximately 6.5″ high X 31.5″ long (there are no tie strings).  The large pre-printed tiger has been artfully stitched along its front with 1000 green cotton knots.  In Asian culture, the color green represents a number of things including: youth, vitality and energy.  An image of the Japanese Battle Flag adorns the left front of the tiger, while the Japanese hinomaru flag lies to the rear.  The 4 characters for Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting” are displayed, 2 characters alongside either flag.  The backside of the amulet was filled in by hand with 4 large, black inked kanji characters; these are for the mantra, Samuhara.  This special saying offered a protection against the bullets in battle to those who possessed the charm.

1000 Stitch amulets of any type are becoming difficult to find; tiger senninbari are even tougher; and those with green stitches/knots are even tougher.  This is a beautiful example…

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