1000 Stitch Vest (Sennibari)- White Cotton Vest With Red Knots. Made By The Greater Japanese Defense Women’s Association, Miyagi Prefecture “SOLD”

This 1000 Stitch Vest or Senninbari vest is made from white cotton material.  The red stitches were sewn using red cotton thread. Two elastic bands are attached that allow the arms to pass through, so that the vest can be worn over the back.  Overall measurements of the 1000 stitch vest are 12.5″ wide X 17.25″ high (from the top of the neck to the bottom of the lower back.)  The red printed kanji characters along the bottom edge say “Greater Japanese Defense Women’s Association- Miyagi Prefecture”.  The various Ladies Associations often gave away 1000 stitch belts and other items to the men going overseas to fight.


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