1000 Stitch Vest with Seal and Charm

This is a beautiful khaki colored, silk-satin 1000 Stitch (Senninbari) Vest, measuring approximately 22.” long from the top of the collar, down to the waist and approximately 16.” across from armpit to armpit. The vest is of very fine construction and was probably custom made for someone of means. Six celluloid buttons are heavily stitched into place across the front of the vest and a similar one holds the left breast pocket closed. A large red shrine seal, measuring approximately 2.5″ square is stamped onto the center of the pocket; I cannot read the seal. The thickly padded vest is stitched in a decorative diamond fashion on both the inside and outside. In each of the outer diamonds, two red knots were placed in the fashion of a senninbari, for compounded good luck. The right, inside breast has a good luck charm, or ofuda, stitched in place for added luck and protection.

This is a quality example of a nicely made 1000 stitched amulet of protection.  Like many other items of Japanese World War Two memorabilia, senninbari vests are getting more difficult to find.


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