Order of the Sacred Treasure-3rd class cased, with ribbon bar and rosette

The Order of the Sacred Treasure (瑞宝章Zuihō-shō) is a Japanese order, established on 4 January 1888 by Emperor Meiji as the Order of Meiji. Originally awarded in eight classes (from 8th to 1st, in ascending order of importance).

The insignia of the order incorporates symbols for the three imperial treasures: the Yata Mirror, so sacred that not even the Emperor is allowed to look at it; the Yasakani Jewel, made from the finest jade; and the Emperor’s Personal Sword.

The badge for the first through sixth classes is a Maltese cross, in gilt (1st–4th classes), gilt and silver (5th class) and silver (6th class), with white enameled rays (representing the sword). The central disc is blue, bearing an eight-pointed silver star (representing the mirror), surrounded by a wreath with red-enameled dots (representing the jewel). The badge is suspended on a ribbon, worn as a sash on the right shoulder by the Grand Cordon, as a necklet by males of the 2nd and 3rd classes, on the left chest (the ribbon folded into a triangle) by the 4th to 6th classes (with a rosette for the 4th class).

The award offered here is in marvelous condition; there are no enamel chips and all of the jewels are firmly attached. The award case is in excellent condition with no chips to the wood; the latch functions properly. The plush purple velvet insert is in equally nice condition. Accompanying the medal its small rosette and single ribbon bar. The suspension ribbon is slightly darkened with age, but it is in excellent condition; the gilt fasteners are all present and work nicely. The reverse of the medal is in equally excellent condition, although has some tarnish from age.

This is a prestigious decoration, offered at a very reasonable price.


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