Beautiful Japanese Silk Battle Flag- 29.25″ high X 33.50″ long “SOLD”

This Japanese battle flag is made from a heavy silk material.  Overall, it measures approximately 29.25″ high X 33.50″ long.  The fly and hoist side edges are reinforced with an added row of stitching to provide extra strength should the flag be flown or carried on a pole, rifle, sword, etc.  The corner tabs are firmly stitched in place and are made from a heavy brown paper, used to simulate leather.  The darkened white silk tie strings are also firmly attached to the tabs in the corners.  The red sun in the center and the red rays have been silk screened in place.  The white rays are darkened from age, although this is often typical of old silk material.  There are 4 small red spots where it appears that some moisture got on the flag; those are no more than .25″ long.
This is a beautiful Japanese Battle Flag in terrific condition and comes in a very nice size.


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