Japanese National Flag, Cotton Two-Piece Construction- 24″ high X 26″ long

This is a Japanese National Flag made from cotton. It features two-piece construction, where the center circle was removed from the white field and replaced by a red sun in the center. It was stitched into place with a double row of stitches. The flag measures approximately 24.” high X 26.” long. The corner tabs were made by sewing a separate, triangular piece of white cotton into the corner. The white cotton tie strings were added to the corners and then heavily stitched in place. The fly, hoist and top edge of the flag were folded over and stitched to give extra strength to the material in those areas.

The flag does have some staining on the white field and the material there has age-toned and is dirty.  Overall, a very nice classic flag from WW2!


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