Flying Tiger (AVG) Ace R.T. Smith Autographed book Tale of a Tiger

This is a nicely autographed copy of R.T. Smith’s book Tale of a Tiger: The Adventure-Packed Daily Diary of One of the Flying Tigers’ Top Aces. The 362 page book details Smith’s recruitment as a pilot in the United States and of his trip to China to fight the Japanese forces engaged there. The book is packed with numerous black and white photos, many taken by Smith, during his combat days overseas. On July 4, 1942, when the AVG was officially disbanded, Smith, a member of the Hell’s Angels Squadron, had racked up an impressive 9 victories. He finished the war as a Lt. Colonel and earned the Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star and numerous Chinese decorations.

In the front the book, there is a large autograph that says “With Best Wishes, R.T. Smith”.  I obtained this autograph personally from the author in the late-1980’s at a book signing. Over the course of the years, I corresponded with Mr. Smith and a number of other pilots from the “real” Flying Tigers (AVG). This is an exciting “read” with a terrific, large autographed page. There is some damage to the dust jacket (see image) but the book and the interior pages are in excellent condition.


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