Good Luck Belt-0003

This very nice white cotton Good Luck Belt measures approximately 4.74″ High X 36.00″ Long, not including the tie strings. This is not a senninbari-haramaki or a one-thousand stitch belt as there are no stitches or knotted panels present. The belt does, however, have a center pouch that may be secured by 2 snaps. These center pockets often held omamori or other good luck charms or personal items. The right-hand side of the belt has 5 vertical black kanji characters applied to it by a brush. These say, Ki Buun Chokyu or, “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. The 2 rows of vertical characters on the left-hand side say, “Tanaka Kazuo, Owner”. There are a few minor stains present, but this really is a very clean good luck belt.


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