Good Luck Charms-0004

This white cotton good luck charm pouch with charms measures approximately 8.75″ Long, not including the tie strings. The pouch was made separately first, and was packed with paper good luck charms or ofuda that were probably collected from various shrines and/or temples by the owner or his family. Afterward, long tie strings were sewn to the ends of the pouch so that the good luck piece could be worn around the neck or simply packed with the fellow’s gear. One of the tie strings appears to have torn from the pouch at one time, but was repaired at some point. One side of the pouch appears to be filled with paper charms, while the other side appears to have paper, as well as small stiff wood charms inside it. There is no writing on the outside of this piece, and the charms are still securely stitched inside. I will let the buyer remove a few stitches to study the charms if he chooses! Charm pouches were fairly common to the soldier, sailor, or airman serving in the military. Photo portraits often show the men wearing these from their belts, holding them around the wrist, or hanging around their necks. Once quite common, these are rather tough to find. This one is nicely made, and packed full of good luck!!


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