Good Luck Signed Flag-0062 “SOLD”

This very nice Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is made from an age-toned white silk material.  It comes attached to its original black and white striped bamboo flag pole which is quite unusual to find. The flag is slightly larger than the standard parade flags found on their collapsible flag poles, measuring approximately 14.00″ wide X 13.50″ high. The hoist, fly and lower side edges have been hand stitched with additional thread to give them strength. The flag is fastened in a very sturdy fashion by loops of cotton thread, tightly bound around the flag pole. The finial on the top of the flag contains its original red shroud, fastened to the pole by red and white cotton thread. The red and white color combination provides the best color combination for good luck in Asian culture. The flag is hand made in 2-part fashion, having the white field cut out so that the red sun or center circle could be sewn into the center. This 2-part construction is not seen as often as the more standard silk screened signed flags. The vertical line of black kanji characters say, Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. The horizontal line of characters are for the flag’s recipient, Noguchi Kazuyoshi. Smaller signed good luck flags are becoming very difficult to find.  Beyond that, try finding one on its original bamboo flag pole…!  We will also be listing 2 Off-To-War Banners that belonged to this same man (otwb-0027 and otwb-0028).

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