Headband (Hachimaki) with Red Sun and Kanji Characters for Certain Victory!

This Headband (Hachimaki) is made from a cotton material and measures approximately 3.25″ high X 38.’ long. Similar to the often seen hachimaki with the kanji characters for “Divine Wind” (kamikaze), headbands were utilized by nearly everyone in Japan during the War.  Pre-made or homemade examples were worn during physical exercise, military training; even factory workers wore them to absorb perspiration and show their patriotic spirit. This particular example says Hissho or “Certain Victory!”, a popular wartime slogan often seen written on good luck flags and 1000 stitch belts.

The cotton is in good shape, although slightly age darkened.  There is a small stain near the kanji character on the lower-left bottom (see image).


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