Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flag-00121

This is a silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag, measuring approximately 27.5″ high X 38.” long. The large, bright red sun was silk screened onto the now age darkened white background field. The gold foil corner tabs are in place, however no tie strings remain. The fly and hoist side edges have been stitched in order to provide extra strength along those sides of the flag. There are a few small holes/tears present (see photos). There are also some minor blood stains in the upper left hand quadrant.

Along the hoist side of the flag, large vertical kanji characters are noted. The characters closest to the edges say, “Presented to: Mr. Nagai Shintaroo”. Immediately to the left of that are the 5 characters for Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”.

This is a typical standard good luck flag in very good condition.


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