Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flag Signed by High Ranking Martial Arts/Judo Practioneers “SOLD”

This silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is in very good condition.  The flag measures approximately 29.0″ high X 40.0″ long.  The white field is age darkened as would be expected from years of storage. The silk screened red sun in the middle of the white background remains bright. The fly and hoist side edges have added stitching for re-enforcement.  The real leather corner tabs are still pliable and are firmly sewn into place. The white silk tie strings are darkened with age and in place.  There are no holes in the silk.

The large vertical line of kanji characters closest to the hoist side edge are for the slogan Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. To the left of that is the signature of Nagasaki Toshinori, along with his judo rank Go-dan (5th-dan or level). Running horizontally across the top of the flag in the 12 o’clock position is the name of the flag’s recipient Kobayashi Sen, followed by Chugi Yurestu, or “Loyalty and Bravery”. Some of the famous judo personalities include Ogata Genji, Hachi-dan (8th-dan or level).  Ogata Genji (Sept. 9, 1892 (born)-1978 (died)) was a famous, high ranking judoka or practitioner of judo (see photo).  His rank of 8th-dan is, practically speaking, the highest rank in judo. There are higher levels, for example, “Hanshi“, but these tend to be awarded for success in teaching or writing, etc.

This is a great flag with signatures from some high ranking martial artists of the World War Two period.


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