Salty Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag With Slogans “Certain Victory” And “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”

This silk Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is in very good condition and measures approximately 28.25″ high X 32.50″ long. The red center sun has a couple of very small pin sized holes in it. The white field has age toned to a warm cream color, typical of silk as it ages. There is also small tear near the lower-left edge of the white field. The hoist and fly side edges have their gold painted corner tabs sewn into place.  Each tab has its silk tie strings in firmly in place.

The two large black kanji characters across the upper-most aspect of the flag say Hissho or “Certain Victory!” The five large kanji characters that run vertically on the right-hand side of the flag, near the hoist side edge say Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”.

There is a stain near the nine o’clock position, probably caused by exposure to acidic paper. Above and below that mark are what appear to be battle stains. This flag is in overall really good condition.


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