Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag With Many Interesting Slogans-"As Long As The Earth And Heavens Exists, We Will Protect The Emperor's Reign"; "The Great Cause" And Others. Fine Calligraphy And Seals As Well

This is a large Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed flag made from an expensive, heavy silk. The flag measures approximately 29.” high X 44.” long. The red sun is silk screened near the center of the white field that has turned a warm cream color, with age. The once gold, foil paper corner tabs are now mostly silver. Each tab has its silk tie strings firmly attached. Both the fly and hoist side edges are firmly stitched in order to provide added strength.

The flag has large, beautiful kanji calligraphy from a skilled hand. There are two personal seals or inkan near the lower right-hand corner; each measures approximately .5″ square.  Unfortunately, the script is so stylized that I am unable to read it.

I don’t see the name of the former owner, but I note some interesting and unusual slogans. Across the upper area of the flag, the large horizontal characters read, Goku Ten Go Ku Ki or “As Long as the Earth and Heavens Exist, We Shall Protect the Emperor’s Reign”. Along the right-hand margin of the flag, the large characters read Issei Ho Kun-Koku or “Serving the Emperor’s Country With Single Loyalty” [Signed by] Yatazawa Takasuke.  To the left of that is an attractive and highly stylized version of the well-known slogan Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. To the left of that the kanji reads Tai-Gi, meaning “The Great Cause”.

This is a large, beautiful flag with 2 colorful personal seals, great slogans and wonderful calligraphy!



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