Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-00123 Presented to Man Joining the Navy

This is a fine silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag; measuring approximately 26.5″ high X 40.” long. The bright red sun is set nicely near the center of the age darkened white field. Bright gold foil paper corner tabs are sewn into place and the heavy cotton tie strings are also firmly attached. The fly and hoist side edges are reinforced with added stitching to give strength to those high stress areas.

There are a few small pin sized holes in the red orb, as well as a few light stains, scattered primarily in the upper left-hand corner.

Across the flag’s upper horizontal margin are the five large and bold kanji characters for the slogan Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”. In the uppermost right-hand corner, the vertical line of kanji characters say “Presented to: Mr. Uematsu Tatsuo, Joining the Navy”.

Navy related flags are always tougher to find and this is a fine looking navy related example. It is in excellent condition!


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