Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag- 00125

This large silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is in excellent condition.  The hinomaru yosegaki measures approximately 30.” high X 42.75″ long.  The deep red sun orb near the center of the white field was silk screened into position.  The white background silk is age darkened but in great condition.  The fly and hoist side edges are hem reinforced for added strength. The brown paper corner tabs are securely sewn in place; both tabs have their white silk tie strings affixed.

The flag is filled with slogans and names, including someone with the surname “Yamaguchi”.  Across the top of the flag there are four large kanji characters that say “Unfailing Devotion to One’s Country”. The larger vertical row of kanji characters on the right-hand side of the flag give the name of the flag’s owner: “Presented to: Mr. Ichimura Yosio”. The good luck flag was given to its former owner by the “Fukui Prefecture Normal School Patriotic Group”. There are also two personal name seals, stamped in bright red ink that measure approximately .75″ square.  Unfortunately, I am unable to read the block characters.  Also near the twelve o’clock position is another personal inkan or seal.  It measures approximately 1.” high X .25″ wide.  It too is so highly stylized that I cannot read it. A small stain may be seen along the three o’clock edge, in the flag’s white field.

Fukui originally consisted of the old provinces of Wakasa and Echizen, before the prefecture was formed in 1871. During the Edo period, the daimyo of the region carried the surname Matsudaira, and was a descendant of Tokugawa Ieyasu. During World War Two, Fukui was heavily bombed and its palace, Fukui Castle, surrounded by a moat, was demolished. Buildings for the Fukui Prefectural government were built on the site of the castle.

This is overall a beautiful Japanese good luck flag with three seals.  It shows age but is in wonderful condition!



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