Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag- 00128

This silk Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag measures approximately 28.” high X 33.5″ long.  The red orb in the center of the age-toned white field was silk screened.  The fly and hoist side edges have been hem stitched for added strength.  The corner tabs are made from a decoratively scalloped thin leather and each has its tie strings.

There are five large kanji characters written horizontally across the twelve o’clock position of the flag.  This is for the popular slogan Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting”.  The large line of vertical kanji on the right-hand side give me the name of the flag’s former owner, “Presented to: Mr. Azuma Yutaro- [From the] Nariwa Branch of the Okayama Prefecture Automobile Association”.

This flag has a few scattered holes, typical of an authentic example of this vintage.


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