Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag- 00130

This Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is in overall nice condition with some minor holes, primarily in the red sun area.  Approximate measurements are 27.75″ high X 31.” long. The red sun in the center of the white field has been silk screened onto the material. The flag has stitching along the fly and hoist side edges to give added strength to those higher stressed areas.  The red paper corner tabs remain sewn in place and the white tie strings are present.

The large characters in the lower right-hand corner are for the slogan Buun Chokyu or “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting”.  Between the eight and nine o’clock position are the two kanji characters for the slogan Hissho or “Certain Victory!” The same slogan was written a second time near the ten o’clock position as well.  Near the bottom is a bright red personal seal and its corresponding line of characters that are signed saying “Ishii, 1st. Lieutenant. The seal measures approximately 1.” high X 1.25″ long. The flag was “Presented to: Mr. Hayashi Isamu”.

This is another beautiful looking flag with notations from an officer.


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