Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag 00139

This beautiful silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag measures approximately 29.5″ high X 34.5″ long. The bright red hinomaru is silk screened onto the now age-darkened white field. Overall, the material is in terrific condition, with only a couple of small pin sized holes. The gold foil paper corner tabs are well sewn into place and each still has its tie strings. The fly and hoist side edges have additional hem stitching for strength.

There are also some really interesting slogans written on the flag: The top horizontal line reads, Rikensokuzemidago and is said to have been a word from one of the ancient Buddhist priests, Zendo, and means, “By praying to Buddha, one can slash away one’s earthly desires”.  The second line is Hakko Ichiu which was a slogan commonly used that means, “To unify the eight corners of the world”.  Another slogans says Jinchu hokoku, “Loyalty and Service to the Country” and Tenjo Mukyu which means, “To continue forever along with the heavens and earth”.  In addition, the flag has a number of small, red inked personal inkan or seals. The largest measures nearly 1.5″ across, while the smallest are approximately .5″ square.

This beautiful Good Luck Signed Flag has some great slogans as well as some interesting seals!


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