Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-0068

This artificial silk or rayon, Imperial Japanese Signed Good Luck Flag is in nice overall nice condition. While natural silk normally darkens with age, as a rule of thumb, vintage rayon flags tend to remain a brighter white color.  The flag measures approximately 28.00″ high X 30.25″ long.  The fly and hoist side edges are hem stitched for added strength.  Remnants from the upper and lower corner tabs remain and there is one tie string still in place on the lower right-hand corner.  There is one hole. located near the 3 o’clock, in the center sun area that measures approximately .25″, while some very small additional ones are also scattered around the sun.  There is a large, prominent slogan for Ki Buun Chokyu or “I Pray Your Military Fortunes Are Long Lasting” written vertically along the right-hand side.  Otherwise, the flag has quite a few names of well-wishers written upon the white field.  A nice good luck flag example.


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