Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-0069

This silk, Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is heavily signed with some terrific slogans and is packed full of signatures from friends and well-wishers.  Measuring approximately 31.00″ high X 33.25″ long, this large sized good luck flag is re-enforced on both of its fly and hoist side edges.  The corner tabs are made from a heavy gold painted paper that are nicely sewn into place.  The tab on the lower right-hand side still has its tie string firmly attached.  The round, sun in the center is a bright red color and has only a few scattered moth bites (see images).  The flag has many, many signatures and slogans, including: “Yamato Spirit!”, “Dedicate 7 Lives For The Country”, and a more personal, “Work Hard For The Honor Of Us Men From The Northern Country!”.  A very beautiful flag!


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