Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-0086

This listing is for a white silk Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag that measures approximately 27.00″ X 42.50″. This is a large flag with multiple stains but the material is in overall very good condition. Genuine leather corner tabs are sewn in place on the right-hand corners and both tabs have their original tie strings in place. The red sun in the center has been screen printed near the center of the white field. This is a very interesting flag, “Presented to Fujii Jiro” and listing the surnames of all members of the Nagashima family. One signer has listed his address as “Kyobashi Ward, Tsukishima Street 1-6″. It also includes a few poems and slogans that include “Be a shield for the emperor.”

Kyōbashi (京橋) is a neighborhood east of Tokyo Station in Chuo, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the city’s oldest commercial districts, although it has since been eclipsed by Ginza to the south and Nihonbashi to the north. Kyobashi and Takaracho stations provide subway service. Its name comes from the bridge that once spanned the Kyōbashi Canal. The south side of the canal was called Take-Gashi(Bamboo Quay)because it was bamboo wholesalers’ area.

The Kyōbashi, or Capital Bridge, linked the Ginza and the Kyōbashi neighborhood. According to the sign erected at the site by the Chuo-ku Board of Education, together with Nihonbashi, it was one of the famous bridges of Edo (now called Tokyo.) When the canal was filled in 1959, the bridge was removed. Today, a pillar stands to mark the site of the old bridge.

Kyobashi was also a ward of Tokyo City, encompassing 16 neighborhoods, including Ginza, Tsukiji, and Tsukishima, in addition to Kyobashi itself. In 1947, when the 35 wards of Tokyo were reorganized into 23, it was merged with Nihonbashi to form the modern Chuo ward.  Tsukishima Street is also listed in the current Directories for the Chuo ward. (Kyobashi, Tokyo- Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Available information could make this flag an interesting research project.


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