Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-0093

This wonderful silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag measures approximately 27.00″ X 41.50″.  Its gold foil corner tabs are firmly sewn in place and its tie strings are also present. The red sun in the center is nicely placed on the white field, where there is scattered staining and insect bites.

The flag was “Presented to Okamoto Tatsuki” from his company, “The Showa Manufacturing Company”. The flag was signed by the factory chief and various factory employees.  The company was first established in 1938 as The Showa Aircraft Precision Works and made aircraft components: suspension and landing systems for a variety of aircraft manufactures. Following the war, they developed parts for automobiles and motorcycles.

There is a Shinto shrine seal in the upper right-hand corner that measures approximately 2.75″ square. The seal is for the Kashihara Shrine in Nara prefecture. The shrine was built on April 2, 1890, at the site of the Kashihara-gu, where Japan’s first Emperor, Emperor Jimmu, is said to have acceded to the throne on February 11, 660 BCE.

Overall, this is a quality flag with an association to aviation, via an aircraft manufacturing company.


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