Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-0094

This is a very unusual silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag with a number of notations made in the hand of the previous owner. The material is a high grade of silk and has little in the way of stains or holes. The gold foil corner tabs are in place, as are the tie strings. The sun is bright and nearly centered on the white field or background. The flag measures approximately 28.75″ X 42.00″.

The flag was “Presented to Miyaoka Tsuneo” with a number of notes written in his own hand. They read: “May 20, 1945- Joined the Ohtake Naval Unit as a Special Naval Cadet.”  “August 15, 1945- Our Military Defeated.”  “September 1, 1945- Returned to Homeland.”  Signed “Navy Technical PO 2nd Class- Miyaoka Tsuneo.” The slogan Ki Buun Chokyu or “I pray your military fortunes are long lasting” is also present, closest to the hoist side of the flag.

A great late-war flag in really good condition, with anecdotes added by the former owner.


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