Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag- Presented to: Mr. Endo With a Large Red Shrine Seal From The Yawata Akita Jinja In Akita Prefecture “SOLD”

This silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag measures approximately 30.25″ high X 34.00″ long.  The heavy silk has darkened a bit with age and shows just a couple of small pin sized holes.  There are a few light stains but not noticeable.  The bright sun in the center of the white field was silk screened in place. The corner tabs are made from real leather, sewn in place and are accompanied by their heavy silk tie strings. The hoist and fly side edges of the flag have added stitches for strength.

The flag has  been “Presented to: Mr. Endo” From: “Owada Etsuro From Funakoshi Town of Akita prefecture.”  Akita prefecture is in the northeastern Tohoku region of the main Japanese island of Honshu.  It is also the place where the Akita dog is found.  Prominently displayed across the top of the white field, near the twelve o’clock position is a large, red seal for the Yawata Akita Jinja. The seal measures about 3.00″ square.

This is a lightly signed Hinomaru Yosegaki (Good Luck Flag) in fine condition.


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