Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag and 1000 Stitch Belt Belonging to the Same Man-0090

This silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag and 1000 Stitch Belt came from a house clean out (estate sale) in Japan, having belonged to the same man. The flag is in good condition, with no holes and only minor stains. The overall measurements are approximately 28.75″ X 43.25″. The corner tabs appear to have been made from pig leather and both contain their original tie strings. The sun was nicely screened onto the age toned white field. The flag was “Presented to Kasutani Aichiro, From Friends at the Tokyo Industrial University Mechanics Course.” It also contains the kanji characters for the slogan Buun Chokyu or “May your military fortunes be long lasting”.

The Good Luck Flag was accompanied by this nicely hand-made cotton 1000 Stitch Belt or Senninbari. The 1000 Stitch Belt measures approximately 6.00″ X “33.50”. This Senninbari is a bit on the rare side as it was made from a yellow-gold fabric and knots were put in place using green cotton thread. The color yellow-gold represents god consciousness, while green stands for self-assurance, good health, striving and patience. The vast majority of 1000 Stitch Belts were made from white cotton material and used red cotton threaded knots.  The 3 original celluloid buttons are still in place and have the slogan, “For Gentlemen” embossed on them. The hand-stitched, reinforced button holes are well made and intact.

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