Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag-"Praying for a Brave Fight"; "May Your Military Fortunes be Long-Lasting". "ON HOLD"

This Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag is made from silk.  The approximate measurements are 27″ High X 32.75″ Long.  The red sun in the center is silk screened onto the white, age-toned white field.  The white gauze corner tabs are firmly sewn in place and the white cotton tie strings are also present. The fly and hoist side edges have added stitching for support in these high stress areas of the flag.  Overall, the flag is in excellent condition with only a couple of small insect bites located in the red field.

The flag contains hundreds of names and some interesting slogans.  The flag is “Presented to Matsuura Haruhisa Commemorating His Joining the Troops Under the Student Muster Act.”  The dark, bold line of kanji characters written across the top of the flag say, Kanto Inoru or “Praying For A Brave Fight!”.  The classic slogan, Buun Chokyu or, “May Your Military Fortunes Be Long Lasting” is also written.  A partially visible message in the upper left says, “Go For The Emperor, Our Student…”.

This flag is a classic example with many signatures and nice slogans.  (For anyone interested in doing further research/reading, particularly for anyone wondering what it was like to be a student in wartime Japan, I recommend the August 1986 article in the Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. XLV, No. 4.)



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