Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag Presented to Mr. Takahashi Shigeo, "Loyal Bravery and Heroism" and More "SOLD"

This is a large silk, battlefield recovered flag. Approximate measurements are 28.” high X 39.50″ long.  The sun is brightly silk screened in the center of an age toned, white field.  Both the sun and field shows evidence of battle staining and shrapnel holes.  The fly and hoist side edges are reinforced with additional stitching to improve the strength of the material.  The corner tabs are in place but are minus their outer covering of paper.  The cotton tie strings are firmly attached to both corners.

As noted, the flag is Presented to: Mr. Takahashi Shigeo. The large horizontal characters across the top of the flag say, Chuyu Giretsu or “Loyal Bravery and Heroism.”  The writing that is near the center of the red sun within the circle says, “Praying For Battle Fortunes, Katayama Keiichiro in Shanxi.”  The large kanji character in the flag’s center says, Tamashi or “Spirit”.  To the left of the sun, the larger kanji say, Jinchu or “Devoted Loyalty”.  That is followed by a name that is difficult to read but perhaps says, Kaneko Satoshi.  The four large vertical characters to the right of the sun say, Ishi Hokoku or “One Death to Serve For the Country.”


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