Imperial Japanese Good Luck Flag Signed by an Admiral- 00131

This is a historic silk Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag.  Measuring approximately 27.5″ high X 40.5″ long, the flag is large. The bold red center sun is silk screened onto the age-darkened, cream colored field. Both corners have their large brown paper corner tabs firmly attached.  The white silk tie strings are also present. Both fly and hoist side edges are reinforced by added stitching. There are no obvious holes in the material, just a few small stains (see images).

The flag is signed by many well-wishers, some bearing the surname “Oyama” or “Koyama”, while others have the name “Ishiyama”. The well known slogan Hissho or “Certain Victory!” is written on the flag and is located near the nine o’clock position. There are three lines of large and bold kanji characters written vertically on the right-hand side.  The four large characters closest to the hoist side edge say “Unfailing Devotion to One’s Country”.  To the left of that is the name of the of the flag’s former owner; it says “Presented to: Mr. Oohashi Tatsuo”. Written to the left of that is the prominent signature of Japanese Navy “Vice Admiral Muneo Yoshinari”.

Vice Admiral Muneo Yoshinari had a long naval career, graduating from the Naval Engineering Academy in Class #16. In 1908 he was assigned to serve aboard the Japanese cruiser Soya (see photo). Later, in 1908 he transferred to the Japanese cruiser Azuma (see colored photo). In 1909, he served aboard the cruiser Niitaka (see photo). Muneo Yoshinari was made Director of the Kure Naval Shipyard and promoted to Vice Admiral on 12-1-1937. The Kure Naval Arsenal was in charge of building the Super Battleship Yamato which was laid down in 1937 and launched on August 8, 1940.

This is a fine good luck flag (hinomaru yosegaki) with impressive linkage to an important Japanese naval officer.


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