Imperial Japanese Good Luck Signed Slogan Flag

This nice, silk Japanese Good Luck Signed Flag contains a ton of interesting slogans.  The flag is a large, age-darkened example that measures approximately 28.75″ high X 43.” long.  There are scattered insect bites, primarily in the white field and red sun center, near the nine o’clock position.  The fly and hoist side edges are reinforced with added stitching for strength.  The large, heavy brown paper corner tabs are in good condition and the white cotton tie strings are firmy in place.

The flag contains numerous wartime slogans including: “Loyalty”, “Loyalty to the Country”, “Do Your Best”, etc.  One of the more interesting slogans says, “Wheat Rice!”.  This refers to the army mess serving up a mixture of rice mixed with wheat.  It wasn’t a particularly good tasting combination and everyone forced to eat it was aware of that!  The practice really took hold in order to help prevent beriberi, a disease that occured from a lack of Vitamin B-1.  This was a common health issue during the Edo era in Edo/Tokyo when people were eating mostly pure milled rice and a little cooked vegetables (few fresh veggies).  The problem carried over into the Meiji era when the navy had issues with its sailors coming down with beriberi during their cruises.

A very interesting flag, covered in slogans…..


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