Japanese Battle Flag-3’6″ High X 4’75” Long

This Japanese Rayed or Battle Flag is made from what appears to be a thin wool or wool-cotton blend; it is of two-piece construction.  The flag measures approximately 43.5″ high X 57.” long  (3’6″ high X 4’75” long).  The size is perfect for a wall or display; it’s not too small, yet not too large either.  The colors remain bright, although the white rays are a bit darkened with age.  Additional stitches have been added to the fly and hoist side edges during manufacture in order to strengthen these high stress areas.  The large leather corner tabs remain pliable and are firmly sewn in place.  Heavily tarnished, brass grommets fill each tab; these have so darkened that the verdigris appears blue-green in color.  Both corners retain their green cotton and silver silk tie cords.  These really are cords and not strings; both materials are twisted together to give the cords a sensational appearance.  The flag was folded for many years and moths have chewed through the material in places (see image).  There is a small white and red paper tag (1.5″ long X 0.5″ wide) tied to one of the silver-green cords.  It’s a bit faded and tough to read, but it appears to give the cost of the flag- 1.20 yen.

Battle flags have become difficult to find and examples in this size are even tougher to locate.  Here is your chance to pick up one that would hang nicely over your desk or next to a bookcase display.


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