Japanese Protector/Mascot Doll; sometimes known as “Kamikaze Doll”

This small Japanese Mascot/Protector Doll measures approximately 8.5″ tall. The doll is made from cotton and silk and is in relatively nice condition for its age. The face is hand painted and the clothes are made of silk material.  The white arms and legs have darkened over the years but are finished off with red bracelets and shoes; red and white being very important good luck colors in Japanese culture. Wrapped around the doll’s throat is a long black cotton tie string that was probably used to fasten the doll to something.  The story of the Japanese mascot doll is well documented in both article and book form.  Many photographs exist that show these dolls being carried. They gained their name “kamikaze doll” because of the photographs that show tokkotai  pilots carrying them attached to their float vests or tied inside their airplanes’ cockpit. They were intended to provide companionship and brought good luck/success/protection to those who carried them.

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