Militaria-0001- Japanese Bugle "SOLD"

This Japanese Brass Bugle is in very fine condition. Many of the examples seen today are covered in dents and dings, however, this one has virtually none. All of the metal parts are in place and original to the bugle including the wing nut that holds the mouthpiece in place, the mouthpiece itself and the small chain that insures that the mouthpiece will not be lost should it fall out (see photos). The heavy black wool cloth wrapping that keeps the bugle firmly in the musician’s hand when it becomes sweaty, is nicely stitched and also in place.  Accompanying the bugle is a beautiful crimson cord with its heavy tassels.  Bright gold bullion foil may be seen layered underneath some aspects of the tassels and stands out wonderfully against the deep red thread! (see photos). Japanese military musicians in uniform would often unwrap the red cord and loop it around their arm like a sling, leaving the bugle to hang where it could be easily raised to the mouth and played.  Stamped across the upper base of the bugle’s flared bell is the word Yamato or “Japan”, surrounded by a ring of sakura or cherry blossoms. This would be a tough example to upgrade!

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